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A lack of empathy isn’t cool or interesting or intelligent. It’s a maladaptive coping mechanism, nothing more or less, and it’s probably why you’re miserable.

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feeling sad? Here is a picture of Peter Dinklage holding his baby: image

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Terracotta Vessel in the Form of a Lobster Claw, Greece, ca. 460 BCE. This is great!

Favorite Opening Credits: Orange Is The New Black

"All those eyes and mouths that make up the "Orange Is The New Black" opening credits are from real women, not actors.

Set to Regina Spektor’s “You’ve Got Time,” the credits are a montage of smiles, frowns, glares and stares of formerly incarcerated women, and other prison mainstays like barbed wire, fingerprinting, handcuffs and more.

The credits were designed, at the request of creator Jenji Kohan, to get the point across that the show wasn’t just going to be telling the story of Piper Chapman.” (x)

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Ads of the World

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thegirlwhocriedwolfe - What you offer.

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How to identify that light in the sky

What is that light in the sky? Perhaps one of humanity’s more common questions, an answer may result from a few quick observations. For example — is it moving or blinking? If so, and if you live near a city, the answer is typically an airplane, since planes are so numerous and so few stars and satellites are bright enough to be seen over the din of artificial city lights. If not, and if you live far from a city, that bright light is likely a planet such as Venus or Mars — the former of which is constrained to appear near the horizon just before dawn or after dusk. Sometimes the low apparent motion of a distant airplane near the horizon makes it hard to tell from a bright planet, but even this can usually be discerned by the plane’s motion over a few minutes. Still unsure? The above chart gives a sometimes-humorous but mostly-accurate assessment. Dedicated sky enthusiasts will likely note — and are encouraged to provide — polite corrections.

Image credit & copyright: HK (The League of Lost Causes)



When you flip bats upside down they become exceptionally sassy dancers [x].  

i freakin love bats

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